Although some finish at the top of their class, and some at the bottom, each graduate of West Point, Annapolis or the Air Force Academy achieves the same date of rank as a brand new Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, Air Force or Marine Corps or Ensign in the U.S. Navy.

The only difference is that their class ranks helps to determine their first job, since they choose their initial assignments in the order in which they graduate.

But is that the only difference? Is class rank truly an accurate indicator of future success?

Same Date of Rank is an inspiring book of achievement featuring biographies of 17 men and three women who graduated at the top and bottom of their classes. It also includes brief histories of the three schools and their class rank systems, plus hundreds of famous graduates’ class ranks.

For alumni, veterans and other readers interested in American history and success. It also contains helpful suggestions about the admissions process for students, parents and guidance counselors.